Hyper-reality experiences over headphones!

Imagine putting on headphones, and being convinced that the sounds are happening in real life around you.

SOZO 3D masters this illusion.

300 million headphones are sold every year. Yet, on headphones, EVEN 5.1 SURROUND-SOUND MOVIES SOUND FLAT. We are the cure!

Who is SOZO 3D?

Since winning the jury award for best 3D/binaural sound in the 2014 Mixage Fou International Sound Competition, we have made it our obsession to give the millions of headphone users the greatest sound experience possible.

Headphone sales are booming, so we have decided to focus all our expertise on those listeners. Smart, huh?


Filmmakers & musicians can have their old projects mixed into 3D Sound, specifically for headphones. Even if tracks were recorded in mono!

Modernize your sound for the mobile generation with SOZO 3D.

No one does what SOZO 3D can do.
This is how it all works.

What is binaural / 3D sound?

Our ears identify where sounds are and how close. Ears figure this out by comparing the slight differences heard in each ear. The sound of a car horn hits one ear before the other, which tells our brains the location of the car. Binaural audio produces that sensation, giving the listener the illusion that they are experiencing the recording.

Why the need for headphones?

External speakers give 360 degree audio location via surround sound. Yet, they cannot realistically simulate audio proximity / closeness. In real life, sounds occur inside our close & personal space, and are not always at the distance of our nearest speaker. Such as a whisper 1mm from your ear.

Recording for native 3D VR sound

We can also make VR audio by recording with specialized binaural microphones; the results are astounding. We make it sound like you are "there" re-living the action.

It's all in the post-production

Record your film, music, or voice however you wish. The 3D magic is in the post-production. Just tell us where and how you want the sounds to be heard - we will do the rest.

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